Ajna Osvald

Writing, for me, is like a superpower. It gives me wings that take me to a realm of fantasy.
It all started in my granny’s garden under the cherry tree. My mom unfolded a blanket and all of us sat down on it comfortably. She then read tales to us that, my sister, our doggy Ancsi, and I listened to with eyes wide open. I inevitably fell in love with books.
I was in primary school when I got my first diary and in the blink of an eye I became obsessed with writing. From that moment it did not take much to start noting down my own tales and short stories.
In my stories there are animal characters with their own voices – an element that is perfectly natural for me. From my early childhood I have felt a profound love for dogs and nature.
Aura – Beyond the sensible is my first published novel. It is now distributed by the largest Hungarian bookstore chain and is also available online.
Currently I am working on the second part of Aura titled Neverland, which will be released during the winter of 2018.
In my writing, I often get inspiration from my own funny-furry yorkshire terriers. All of them have unique, special personalities, and we love to go for adventures together.

I will be donatinga part of the proceeds from the sale of the book to an animal shelter.