Ajna Osvald

Aura Part 2: Neverland


Hannah is facing one of the most important decisions of her life.

When she just thinks everything falls into place her world falls into tiny bits and pieces. People closest to her heart are threatened. Does the mysterious Neverland exist? Can Hannah find the way leading there? Who can she trust and who shows her a false face?

Hannah has to get to the end of many secrets. While the dark angel behind the curtain is watching and waiting…




Excerpt from the book Neverland coming out soon

“I press the handle of the door, but it’s locked of course. The glassy part is big enough for me to squeeze through – asses I the situation in a blink of the eye. I take off my Jimmy Choo high-heels.

– I hope you can forgive me this one day – I address my words to this lacquer beauty and I hit the window with it firmly. The glass gives in obediently and breaks into million pieces. Compared to what I expected the noise is relatively bearable. I quickly knock out the rest of the glass remaining in the frame to avoid cutting myself as I climb through the opening. It’s less than a moment and I land on the floor. Now those yoga lessons do pay off…my but might not have got in a shape that I would have liked but I could maintain my flexibility.

I can easily access the rest of the building from the small changing room. I advance on the corridor carefully but I hear nothing suspicious. Hmm… I exhale. It might have been only my imagination playing with me and the strange noise wasn’t coming from here after all.

I arrive at the clubroom where the dogs are. They greet me with wagging their tails friendly while they are jostling for my caressing hand with their velvety heads pushing each other aside. As far as I can see all of them are here. Here is Candy, the little mongrel with the black-eye-like spot. I feel relief. I reach for my phone to try again to get hold of Valery and tell her what happened. That’s when I spot Arthur, Valery’s dog, jostling among the others. I could recognize this heavy-bodied, bearded Goldie among thousands of dogs.

– What are you doing here? – I reach to him automatically to caress him, but my hand stops in the air.

A blood-curdling scream makes me motionless.”

Hanna by Kocsondi Nelli.