“AURA – Beyond the sensible

An unforgettable story of a yorkshire terrier and his owner.”


“What would you be willing to give up for love?”

Hannah, a twenty-five-year-old Hungarian girl throws everything away. Her beloved career, her loving family, and her childhood friends.
She travels across the world to be with her love. She leaves everything behind except for one thing: Aura, her loyal, non-conformist Yorkshire terrier. Thanks to Aura we can see the world through the eyes of a dog.
The ambitious couple knows that it won’t be easy to start a new life in the busy heart of New York City but what really awaits them is beyond their imagination.
A sudden change of events puts their lives in danger when the truth about others’ real intentions are unclear. Who is the real love, who is the friend, and who is the enemy?
Will Hannah be able to stay faithful to her love, or will fate push her into the arms of the arrogant, secretive, but mind-blowingly handsome Italian businessman?
And above all, will she be able to stay faithful to herself in the midst of these challenging circumstances? If she wants to fight for her future, first she has to face the haunting secret of her past.

Chapter 1. – Aura

I was given my name when the wind of freedom first hit me. I was three months old then. Mommy insisted on me staying in the flat until I had received all my compulsory vaccination series and that surely took some time.

On that gorgeous day when she could finally carry me out of the house in her arms, she felt as if I was weightless – as she recalls. Then, when she placed me on the grass, I was just sitting there for quite a while squinting my glittering eyes in the sunlight and moving my nose in the balmy spring air. In her opinion it seemed as if I was spying on something other than this world. Something that could only be sensed by me as half of me is a part of that invisible dimension. Therefore my name became: Aura.

Beyond the sensible.

I am aware that my reasoning might sound mind-boggling. A freaky two-legged mommy she is, but I love her to bits though, even when i end up in trouble due to her neverending extravagant ideas!’


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